Among the debris on the outskirts of Saturn, is Station FR29. Aboard the station is the inspiration for the resistance, Fellow Robot. Fellow Robot has seen much better days. He was once a magnificent robot with many builds and purposes. After spending the last 26 years offline and locked away in a crate by his human brother, he is now in disarray. On FR29 he is a jumbled mess of metal, with wires and tubing protruding from his suspended torso. The few original parts of him are working at 37 percent efficiency. He is weak and wants a cigarette badly.


Fellow Robot's purpose on FR29 is to upload his memories and music to Jason, “The Musician”. The history and music that only Fellow remembers are a last ditch plan to save the humans, a way to break through Jensen Eternity's Frequency Optical Eternity connection (F.O.E). Most music on Earth has been banned. Many musicians, artists and scientists were not compatible with the mandatory implants. If they were lucky, like Jason, they made it off of Earth. The vast majority were deemed a malfunction and swiftly destroyed. Fellow Robot must transfer his life and music to Jason to complete The Robot's Guide to Music. The resistance believes it is the only way to introduce a bug into the code that his human brother, Frank Jensen, designed within the F.O.E.


Fellow Robot's life begins in 1929 as a small, single function robot, a gift made for a boy whose mother died that Christmas day.


Volume 1 takes place mostly from 1929 through 1962, and is told from Fellow's perspective and his creator Jonathan Jensen. There are four songs (Tools of War, Wedding Dress, Garden of the Lord and Better Days) that are set in the future, which are told by the supporting characters Jason and Justice.