We have our first album review from Bob Leggett over at LA Music Critic. We are so thankful for the kind words!

Artist NameFellow Robot

Album NameThe Robot’s Guide to Music Vol. 1

Label:  Self-released

Genre:  Rock/Folk/Americana

Track Listing:  1.  Tools of War; 2.  The Narcissist; 3.  Wedding Dress; 4.  Garden of the Lord; 5.  Clone Baby; 6.  I’m With You; 7.  Dime in my Pocket; 8.  Son of Fire; 9.  Better Days; 10.  Become the Sky; 11.  Fatherless Children

Publicist:  Far Digital PR

Review:  Fellow Robot has a unique but familiar style, reminiscent of the music of The Decemberists.  The music is simple yet majestic, and builds mightily as each song progresses towards climax.  This is a band you want to have as your everyday chill, and we don’t think you will ever tire of their sound.  They definitely have the potential for great things, and they are setting the bar high with this dynamic debut album.  We highly recommend you simply put this one on repeat.  You will want to hear them over and over.

Recommendation:  Get this one now.  They will be blowing up the charts in no time flat!

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