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Fellow Robot is a Southern California based indie group, and the brainchild of
singer/songwriter Anthony Pedroza. The band, which is very much a collaboration
between Anthony, Luis Renteria and friends, is set to release their debut album, The
Robots Guide To Music Volume 1 on June 29th. The first part of a three-part concept
album series, Volume 1 foresees a future where artificial intelligence has reached a
pinnacle and robots begin to document and chronicle humans and the music they make.
The Robots Guide To Music Vol. 1 is a clever mix of Alt-Rock, Folk, and Americana,
featuring intimately political tracks like album opener “Tools of War,” and anthemic
manifestos like the rousing, “I’m With You.” The Robots Guide To Music is packed with
hefty ambition, blue-collar emotion, and limitless scope, none of which Fellow Robot shy
away from.
Though the concept behind the album was largely a product of Anthony’s musings on
artificial intelligence and his interests in Science Fiction, the songs featured on The
Robot’s Guide to Music Volumes 1-3 were a collaborative effort through and through.
From 2012 through 2015 Pedroza performed with his band Mr. Moonshine in the Long
Beach Music scene, where he would later meet drummer and future main collaborator,
Luis Renteria, from concurrent Long Beach band, Fathers & Suns. Anthony and Luis are joined by Michael James Adams and Jon Zell, as well as many more talented Long Beach musicians.

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